Top 10 Best Under Desk Foot Rests of 2021

Staying sedentary in the office all day long is a common thing, but it can negatively impact your overall health. What do you experience at the end of the day? Back pain, muscle cramps, and extreme fatigue? The long sitting hours may trigger joint strain poor blood flow, posture issues, and foot pain. This eventually reduces your productivity and performance.

Under desk foot rests have been extensively studied for their benefits. The high quality foot rest helps to lower pressure on the legs, warding off blood clots associated with deep vein thrombosis. Moreover, a foot rest helps to relieve foot swelling, decrease the risk of varicose veins, and ease pressure on the lower back.

Read on to find out how to choose the best under desk foot rest to meet your needs.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing an Under Desk Foot Rest?

There are many foot rests available on the market these days. However, not all of them are effective. When choosing the one for you, make sure you pay attention to the following things:

1. Material

If you want your under desk foot rest to serve you for years, pay heed to its material. The perfect material is plastic, steel, or premium-grade wood.

2. Design

The ergonomic design of the foot rest provides comfort and relief thanks to the specific surface that can be either dotted or ribbed. Ergonomically designed foot rest will keep your feet healthy and improve overall blood flow. If you like to move your legs while sitting, look for a foot rest with the back and forth momentum. Not only will it keep your legs moving, but it will also enhance blood circulating.

3. Height Adjustability

There are two reasons you need a foot rest with adjustable height. If you’re a short person, you’ll probably need to adjust height. If you’re going to use your foot rest in different places, you might need to adjust height, too.

4. Portability

The ideal under desk foot rest should be portable and lightweight enough so that you could use it everywhere, including the plane. It also should have a clip-on sling and feature rocking and non-rocking modes.

10 Best Under Desk Foot Rests of 2021

With a wide selection of under desk foot rests, finding the best one can be tricky. Save your time and nerves and choose one of the top under desk foot rests mentioned below:

1. StrongTek Foot Rest Under Desk

It’s hard to spend the whole day sitting in the office, but the StrongTek wooden under desk foot rest can make it easier. It was created by a former NASA scientist and is well-known for its high quality and ergonomic design. The StrongTek foot rest will help you to slightly raise your knees, feet, and legs, enhancing blood flow, boosting your energy levels, and improving your performance.

The foot rest features a long-lasting, natural wood construction, slip-resistant textured surface, and rocker structure with anti-slip grips. The StrongTek foot rest will help you rest your feet comfortably, relieving leg and back pains that occur after prolonged sitting. The height of this foot rest is 4.4 inches, which means it’ll protect your upper legs from stress and increase your concentration.

2. AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest

Create a more relaxed and comfortable workspace with the AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest. You can place it under your office desk or table. It’s quite portable and requires minimal space so you can easily carry it or store it in the car. The AmazonBasics foot rest has long-lasting plastic construction, textured surface, secure placement, and multi-position design.

Thanks to its design, this foot rest elevates legs and feet while decreasing physical stress and improving your posture. The free-floating platform of the foot rest allows for lower-leg movement and full leg stretches. It can aid in improving blood flow. The textured surface provides a massaging effect on feet. The stay-put design ensures that the foot rest won’t slide out of place.

3. Kensington Adjustable Footrest

Known for its superior quality, the Kensington foot rest features luxurious memory foam, adjustable angles and height, and great foot pedal control. It allows you to adjust the foot rest to the perfect angle any moment without leaving the chair.

Thanks to comfortable memory foam, your feet and legs will never feel tired in the office, again. Non-skid foot surface of the foot rest offers added control. The height is adjustable and ranges between 3.5 to 5 inches. This will let you adjust the height that will be ideal for your back and legs.

4. Mind Reader Comfy Adjustable Height Foot Rest

Are you looking for a compact and budget-friendly yet top quality under desk foot rest? The Mind Reader foot rest might meet all your needs. It features an adjustable massage surface, which enhances leg circulation and eases leg fatigue. Moreover, this foot rest will relieve neck and back pains that occur due to prolonged sitting.

The Mind Reader foot rest features adjustable angles, rigid edges, and a pebbled textured surface. Although it’s made from resin plastic, the foot rest will serve you for many years. The compact size makes it a perfect foot rest for long flights.

5. Safco Products Task Master Adjustable Footrest

This increasingly versatile foot rest from Safco Products will make you work more productively without experiencing any foot or back discomfort. It’s made from sturdy steel that guarantees high durability. You can adjust the height from 1 of 9 different options and it has a fixed angled platform, which allows for a variety of various standing postures.

If you have a standing workstation, the Safco Products foot rest is an ideal choice for you. You’ll be able to edit the foot rest’s elevation and keep your feet from sliding back down or slipping around thanks to a sandpaper-like textured surface. This under desk foot rest is compact and lightweight, thus it can be easily packed and taken anywhere you work.

6. Hotokii Foot Rest Under Desk

This 2 in 1 ergonomic under desk foot rest has been recognized to be among the best ones this year. First, it has a unique design that lets you keep your feet either separated or together. Additionally, the Hotokii foot rest can be used on the back as a pillow. It will help you relieve muscle soreness and decrease pressure on the waist during prolonged sitting.

The Hotokii foot rest features top quality 3D flexible cotton material, which promotes a more comfortable and relaxed sitting. Many people suffer from swelling and poor circulation when sitting, and this 2 in 1 product will alleviate these two problems.

The foot rest is easy to clean as it features machine washable fabric covers. A carry-on bag will allow you to carry the foot rest anywhere – even when traveling by train or plane. Non-slip bottom of it won’t scratch your floor.

7. Cozy Ergo Small Ottoman Foot Rest

Add an ergonomic foot rest under your desk and enjoy the comfort and coziness of your workplace with this foot rest from Cozy Ergo. The product will definitely meet your needs, providing better circulation, comfortable sitting, and foot fatigue relief. This foot rest is recommended for people suffering from chronic or frequent knee, back, or leg pain.

The Cozy Ergo foot rest features high density foam that responds to your feet position, machine washable cover, second inner cover, and non-slip massage beads that enhance blood flow and reduce leg pain. The cover is durable and non-slip in case you wear socks. There’s a lifetime guarantee and you can get your money back if you don’t like the product.

8. Balance 1 Ergonomic Office Footrest

Improve blood flow in your feet and enhance your posture with the help of the Balance 1 under desk foot rest. This upgraded design allows you to keep your feet and legs moved and elevated, providing maximum comfort and minimum leg fatigue. There are three massage rollers in the middle of foot rest that aid in improving blood flow in your feet.

The Balance 1 under desk foot rest is easy to use and fabulously versatile. When completing your next project, use this foot rest to move your feet around to find the most comfortable position. It will make those long hours of a desk job a lot easier.

9. Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest

Working with tired and sore feet is real torture. This is where the Embody Care foot rest is needed. Anatomically designed to reduce tension and massage pressure points, the foot rest will keep your legs happy and your brain productive. The Embody Care foot rest moves, swivels, and adjusts so that you can use it as a wheelchair footrest.

Made from top quality materials, the Embody Care foot rest is ultra-durable. Since it impedes and fights rust, the foot rest will serve you for decades. When compared to other ergonomic under desk foot rests, the Embody Care product focuses on three aspects of boosting health, including posture improvement, blood circulation enhancement, and foot fatigue prevention. There’s a 90-day manufacturer guarantee just in case you encounter any troubles.

10. Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest

Last but not least under desk foot rest of 2021, Humanscale has something to astonish even the most avid workaholics. Its foot rest features a solid hardwood platform with steel frame, 3-inch height range adjustment, and a non-skid surface.

The Humanscale foot rest will assist you in the office by relieving achy and sore feet, helping them stay relaxed yet dynamic. You might also experience instant improvement in blood circulation, enhanced posture, and lower back pressure relief. This foot rest seems to be manufactured to provide superior value, quality, and great usefulness.

The Final Word

If you have trouble sitting at your desk because of feet, leg, or back pain, investing in a high-quality foot rest will help you boost your productivity. Simply select one of the foot rests mentioned above that will suit all your needs.